Why is the US so afraid of Russian missiles

Another 07/03/20 Wikimedia Sammappadhana USA so afraid of Russian missiles “Zircon”

Now in Russia are testing the latest hypersonic cruise missile 3М22 “Zircon”, the news of which alarmed the whole West. The German magazine Stern called “Zircon” real “wonder weapons” and a threat to US aircraft carriers.

So what is this such a rocket that is already in the testing stage scared the whole world?

the Range of the first modification of the “Zircon” was about 500 km at a speed of 2.5 km/sec. In other words, the missile speed is almost eight times the speed of sound. And that means only one thing: no means of defense it does not knock. For example, the reaction time of missile defense systems the U.S. system Aegis is about 8-10 seconds. “Zircon” at a speed of 2.5 km/sec for this time will fly 20-25 km launch ground-based interceptors just don’t have time to catch up.

there is information that the first ships that will be armed ЗК22 become heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” nuclear cruiser “Peter the Great”. Each of them has 20 launchers ASM “Granite” in each setting will be able to accommodate three “Zircon”. 60 of new missiles instead of 20.

As noted by military expert Konstantin Sivkov, the adoption of the “Zircon” on arms will lead to the fact that the role of the aircraft carrier forces of the United States will be greatly weakened in favor of the Russian nuclear cruisers.

Us Congressman Trend, the Franks commented on the Russian military new: “Approaching the hypersonic era. The enemy designs are radically changing the fundamental laws of war.” The Congressman is right. The emergence of “Zircon” with nuclear warheads makes no sense any missile defense system for the next thirty years. America has already started to rewrite its main military document military doctrine, because the techniques and scripts listed in the current version, lost the actalmost. In particular, the West will have to radically upgrade the armour. How to do it, they had not yet been invented, but to the U.S. taxpayers, it will cost a pretty penny.

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