Why Tibetan monks believed Lenin to be a God

History 29/02/20 Why Tibetan monks believed Lenin to be a God

In early 1924, some residents of Moscow must have noticed a strange delegation, heading to the Kremlin. In the country, has just declared atheism the state ideology, which was constantly raised the persecution of not only Christianity, but other religions were adopted at the highest level… the monks were considered to be one of the most primeval faiths. This is a Tibetan Lama came to pay respects to the deceased “the leader of world proletariat”, which many Buddhists believed to be the Maitreya – Buddha of a new world order.

Lenin as a new Buddha

All the branches of Buddhism believe in a multiplicity of Buddhas. Shakyamuni Buddha, which was associated with the appearance of Buddhism is just one of the many penultimate Buddha. It was either six or twenty-four of the Buddha. But what converge all branches of Buddhism – in the future coming even just one Buddha. His name is Maitreya, and he will establish a new world order.
However, the phenomenon of Maitreya must be preceded by some special conditions. In particular, in the book “Maitreya-vyakarana” it is said that Maitreya will come only when the whole world will be ruled by one righteous Buddhist ruler, and the life expectancy will reach 84 thousand years. But it is always difficult to expect the prophecy in full. Besides, the authority of the books not recognized by all Buddhists as the Maitreya is believed by all.
the October revolution has made a huge impression on the peoples of the East, moreover, that the Bolshevik leaders regularly addressed to them his message with calls to fight against European colonialism. In all the documents the Bolsheviks always distinctly sounded the motif of a new era in the history of mankind. Lenin’s name has become recognizable all over the world, the Bolsheviks promised from day to day the world revolution – how can you not believe that was a while if not Maitreya himself, at least he the most just ruler, which should appear in the Maitreya?
When in Mongolia in 1921, there was a revolution, the choice facing the Mongolian ARATS, looked like this. On the one hand, the white guard Baron Ungern, who declared himself the reincarnation of Chingishana. On the other Bolsheviks who ushered in a new era in the history of mankind, that is, the coming of Maitreya, or at least the world of a just ruler. Who is taller? The answer was unequivocal, and Mongolia won the local Communists.

Pseudoscientist shrink Barchenko

by the Bolsheviks, many of whom in the early twentieth century was fond of the then fashionable occult, esoteric, etc. teachings, has observed a genuine interest in the mystical practices of the East, including Buddhism. Some learned and the Theosophical doctrine of Shambhala. In their view, the Tibetan monks possessed some secret knowledge that could be put at the service of “world proletariat” and use them to destroy the “bourgeois” civilization.
Adventurer-the parapsychologist Alexander Barchenko before the revolution earned him fame for his essays on the study of hypnosis and telepathy, travel to India and Tibet for the “secret knowledge”. In his writings quackery and delusion intricately mixed with interesting information, unknown at that time in Europe. To separate one from the other was difficult, especially on the then level of development of science. Barchenko has positioned itself as a serious scientist in a completely new field of knowledge.
After the revolution, he was invited to work for Dr. V. M. Bekhterev at the Petrograd Psychoneurological Institute, which the new government patronized due to the nature of his work and because he considered himself interested in new ways of control over the mass consciousness of people. Works Barchenko interested in and the Cheka, and in 1923 he took a job in special Special Department of the OGPU, under the command of G. I. Bokii.
pre-revolutionary expedition Barchenko in Central Asia of interest to the KGB because he was convinced he was in contact with Tibetan monks and learned about them about the existence of secret knowledge and fantastic technology, based on the power of the brain. After Lenin’s death Barchenko was a small group of scientists of dubious reputation, who studied Lenin’s brain.

“Jelloshotsrule” the lamas – carriers of the secret knowledge

Arrived in Moscow in the spring of 1924, a delegation of Tibetan monks brought the message of the attribution to Lenin of the honorary title of Mahatma (teacher, Saint; Lama heed to openly proclaim his Maitreya) and the invitation of the Soviet leadership to send to the Tibet scientific expedition. The delegation was received personally by F. E. Dzerzhinsky.
Curious here is that Dzerzhinsky was the head also established immediately after Lenin’s death, the Commission on the organization of his funeral. And it was on his initiative was suddenly decided not to bury Lenin after the farewell of the workers with him, but keep his mummified body for public display in perpetuity.
Writer Valentin Prussians claimed in one of the books that the Tibetan monks were invited to the Soviet leadership, especially for conducting ceremonies with the aim of preserving Lenin’s body. Llama brought some ancient remedies that have helped mummification (it was held in the spring of 1924, and all her movements are still a state secret), and held a magical ceremony.
like it or not, but it is significant that a scientific expedition to Tibet, which was covered by exploration of the OGPU, then it is really carried out. There goes the famous Theosophist Nicholas Roerich, whom under the guise of lamas seconded the famous adventurer, terrorist and the security officer Yakov blyumkin. What exactly brought the expedition out of Tibet, is still unknown.
In another news Prusakova, the Soviet Union visited by a delegation of lamas so-called “jelloshotsrule” wing. In the XV century, Tibet emerged as two of the order of Buddhist monks “jelloshotsrule” and “red”. Between them in our time deployed and competition is fierce. In the twentieth century “jelloshotsrule” Lama believed in Lenin as in the Buddha’s new order, the Soviet secret service in its struggle for the secret knowledge used them, while “red” has been declared as Maitreya Hitler.
Thoroughly to understand all these events of nearly a century ago prevents full blackout related documents. There is no doubt that the phenomenon Lenin connected in the minds of many Buddhists in the world with their ancient doctrines and prophecies, and that the Tibetan delegation visited Moscow in order to pay respects to the deceased Mahatma Lenin.

Yaroslav Butakov

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