Why Vatutin ordered not to take prisoners Hungarian soldiers of Hitler

History 06/03/20 Why Vatutin ordered not to take prisoners of Hungarian soldiers Hitler

the Battle for Voronezh historians and journalists still gets less attention than the battle of Stalingrad. Meanwhile, the defense of Voronezh lasted for 12 days longer. The main enemy of the red Army during the long battle were the Hungarians, who took the side of Nazi Germany. The unwritten rule of “Magyars take no prisoners!” was one of the most important for the soldiers of the Voronezh front.

As the Hungarians were on the German side

After the First World war in 1920 between the winners and the losers signed the so-called Trianon peace Treaty. In the role of losers were Hungary. The adoption of this Treaty, the Hungarian Kingdom has lost more than 70% of their land and more than half of its population. At that time the ruler of the country was Miklos Horthy, who, no doubt, very worried about these losses and wanted to return at least some of the lost. And Hungary managed to return to the fold part of the Romanian and Czechoslovak territories. This was largely due to the assistance provided to Hungary by the Axis (Germany and Italy).

Since the Hungarian Kingdom was a German debtor, and the debt, as you know, the red only payment. In addition Horthy hoped that being an ally of the Third Reich, he will restore the former borders of their state to the fullest. In General Hortensia soldiers became soldiers of Hitler.

the Atrocities of the Hungarians

In the atrocities that were perpetrated by the Hungarians over the prisoners, Soviet soldiers and even above regular civilians, it’s hard to believe a normal person. The Hungarian army, according to eyewitnesses, behaved and sometimes did worse than the Germans. They gouged out people’s eyes, was roasted at the stake, burned alive, locked in some room, sawed people with saws, cut stars on his hands, buried half-alive in the landsilahli were women and children. For ethical reasons, the full texts of messages and documents that describe all of these atrocities, we do not give.

At the time, General Vatutin was visited by the delegation, whose members were residents of Ostrogozhsk district. They told Vatutin think of all the things witnessed and which had suffered from the Hungarians themselves. When Vatutin heard about what you’re doing Hungarian soldiers, he snarled, “the Magyars in the take no prisoners!” This secret order was immediately scattered among the Soviet soldiers.

Victory during the war and after 66 years

In 1942 from the Kingdom moved the 2nd Hungarian army. The number increased to more than 200 thousand soldiers. Their main target was to Voronezh. At the beginning of July the enemy was able to break into the city. The fighting was terrible, cruel, merciless. However, the Soviet fighters managed to liberate Voronezh. More than 160 thousand Hungarians forever remained in Voronezh land. Our soldiers fulfilled the order Vatutina exactly. They have not captured any Magyar.

the battle for Voronezh, which lasted 212 days and the horrific deeds of the Hungarians on this territory (as well as others) in the Soviet Union is not particularly publicized. In 1955, Hungary along with the Soviet Union, was one of the participants of the Warsaw Pact, which envisaged friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance between the two countries. Only in 2008, the President of Russia signed a decree according to which Voronezh finally received the title of city of military glory.

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