Women are told that will give to men the Day of defender of the Fatherland

Photo: depositphotos/AntonMatyukha

it is known that women are going to give your friends and loved ones to men on February 23. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the poll.

So, most of the girls as a present is planning to organize a gala dinner. This option was chosen by 31 percent of respondents. 28% of women will give men perfumes, cosmetics or jewelry. 17 percent plan to purchase a gift: a pen, a notebook or purse.

Among other options women more often chose other: clothing and footwear (14 percent), money (10 percent), accessories for car (7 per cent), the book, alcoholic drinks, chocolates or a gym membership (5 percent).

17 percent of girls said they were not going to buy anything in the gift on February 23.

a nationwide survey on this topic was held on 18 Feb 2023 among 1.6 thousand of Russians over the age of 18. Method of research – telephone interview.

Earlier it became known that men want to on February 23. A survey on this subject conducted by VTSIOM.

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