Zakharov commented on the words of the Polish Ambassador about the role of the USSR in world war II

Photo: TASS news in Pictures

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in the words of the Ambassador of Poland in Germany on the Soviet Union during world war II, RIA Novosti reported.

the Polish diplomat Andrzej Prilepsky said that because of the aggression of the Soviet Union Poland has not been able to resist Nazi Germany. In addition, he said that the decisive contribution to the victory made by the Western powers.

Also Prilepski reminded that it was the Soviet Union at the end of the war had the most profitable acquisition. Among them he pointed out the occupation of the Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States, as well as the involvement of countries in Eastern Europe into the orbit of its influence.

Maria Zakharova, in turn, said that Russia has to respond in response to the distortion of history.

“About two-three weeks ago, we received information that the Polish Pro-government structures, public authorities have carried out a meeting on the subject of how to act in order to neutralize the material and historical facts that will present Moscow, to prevent the spread of the truth about those events. I think that, unfortunately, is a lot more that we will see”, – said Zakharov.

she Also took the words Prilenskoe as an indication that the “official Warsaw played.”

Earlier, the Polish foreign Ministry declared unconditional right to war reparations from Russia. This is due to the material damage caused by the Soviet Union during the Second world war.

Also, the President of France Emmanuel macron has accused Russia of revising the history of the Second world war. He noted that Russia is seeking “to blame the Polish people.”

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