Smuggled cigarettes from Belarus has sold almost all over Russia

Photo: depositphotos/fermate

Smuggled cigarettes from Belarus in January sold almost in all regions of Russia, found in the IT-company “Motor”.

according to RIA Novosti, experts analyzed data from 600 thousand online cash registers in brick and mortar retail stores. Illegal sale revealed 70 regions of the country. It takes into account only the brands that do not ship to Russia legally: NZ, Minsk, FEST, Credo.

Today sell illegal cigarettes sell 3 percent of Russian non-chain retail. In January the share of the Belarusian contraband sales of cigarettes amounted to not less than 1.1%.

In Smolensk and Chelyabinsk regions in brick and mortar retail illegally imported from Belarus turned out to be 22% of cigarette packs. In Dagestan it is every tenth packet – 10%. The popularity of smuggled cigarettes is explained by the price compared to the legitimate: 55 rubles, as against 93.

In November, the government approved the anti-Smoking concept. It is assumed that it will reduce the level of tobacco consumption in the country up to 21% of adults and 1% of minors.

From July 1, 2023, retail stores in Russia should sell only branded cigarettes, and to accept the goods on the electronic invoice. For offenders subject to administrative and criminal liability.

because of the changes this year is expected to increase prices on cigarettes. The cost may increase by 25%.

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