Sigmar Gabriel, the forgotten brains of the SPD, has reported back with a razor-sharp analysis of the election debacle of his party. Because if it can’t detect that the position of the social Democrats is very serious, even hopeless. Gabriel advised “to accept the lesson, and to govern better”.

But other SPD politicians do not want to accept the lesson and instead of poor governance. That sounds tempting, but experts consider it impossible to govern even worse. Even more important, it would be natural for the social Democrats to draw at least as soon as possible red lines, but Andrea Nahles rejects this categorically.

Now revenge, that at the top of the party there is a woman that has been suffering from since Childhood, of a red line drawing weakness. Red lines, the A and O in the policy, it is, and the question is, who’s going to drag now. Thomas Oppermann would try it at least once, and Kevin Kühnert wants him to lead the Hand.


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