Tend to get families in smaller communities and more children than in the big city. But the Numbers are the same in Germany in the past few years.

Thus the city dwellers do not lose the reference to the Land, forest, educational facilities, or forest kindergartens are popular.

educators are praising the “no-toy” than the Original. There are some that can learn town children of the land children.

1. On trees

Natural rock climbing in the country is less organised leisure activities than in the city. That’s why country children spend more time outside. The forest is a wonderful Playground.

Sooner or later children have to climb also on trees, be it to enjoy the view from up there, or to harvest the delicious Apples. This country children often have a better body balance, than their peers from the city.

That there is a desperate need, to make children acquainted with nature, was ranked last in a survey on behalf of the German wild animal Foundation. They showed that every second German child climbed in between the ages of four and twelve years, never on a tree.

FOCUS Online/Wochit Why children today have no connection to nature 2. So animals live in the wild

In the same survey, 22 percent of parents reported that their children “never or almost never” to get a free-living animal to the face. That will not happen to the country children.

naturally, you will learn different kinds of birds. You will also learn how to build, for example, Robins in the spring of their Nest. Later, finally, the children can watch the Chicks reared and slowly leave the nest. By the way, the children develop the knowledge, so a good General. This is already in primary school teaching.

3. Nature holds undreamt-of toys ready

country kids don’t need expensive dolls that can talk, or glowing swords. Curved Branches are good for the challenge guys as well. From the horsetail plant-wonderful wigs can be tinkering with and hairstyles cut.

A snail race in the Grass can be just as exciting as a car race on the carpeted floor. In the forest of twigs, lace, and old boards great huts can also be used to build. Everything to be found in the forests and meadows, and encourages the creativity of children to Play with.

4. French fries do not grow on the field

Who herumtobt much out there between the fields, automatically learns where our food comes from. On the Fields around small towns and villages to grow potatoes, sugar beets, Corn and various cereal varieties.

country children can not explain to city children so that chips grow on the field, and that the sugar must be out of the turnip before we can pour in the tea.

anyone Who invests in addition, together with parents or grandparents even a small vegetable patch in the garden, learns much more: From a small Seed a beautiful carrot grows in a few months. In this way, a completely different relationship to food.

5. The five senses

sharpen The race over roots and bumps in the forest of the motor skills of children trained by the way. Because it applies to balance and judge distances. This also calls for the eyes.

Nothing evokes intense memories of certain smells. This is especially true for childhood memories. On the wet Meadow, fresh – picked strawberries, snacking race after a thundershower in the summer, in a pile of hay fall- the thoughts of these experiences, each country child smile.

Besides, Who knows original scents, trained nerves of his taste.

Speaking of taste, even if earth doesn’t look so nice and chocolatey, it tastes, unfortunately. Some painful experience like this can save the city child.

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