Accident drama after a car breakdown! Drivers do not see a broken-down vehicle despite being secured by patrol cars and races into the rear. Woman is caught by her own rammed car and jammed under the car – the police officer can save other inmates by jumping to the side.

Accident drama after a car breakdown near Eschborn: A couple had stopped on the four-lane L3005 near Eschborn and had parked the car at the edge of the main lane due to a non-existent breakdown lane. A police patrol had just arrived to secure the car or to tow it quickly out of the area when a subsequent driver apparently completely overlooked the breakdown car and crashed into the rear with great force. Both cars then hurled forward and into the side room, where an occupant of the broken-down car stood and was run over by his own car and pinched underneath.

A man could still be spiritually torn to the side by an officer to save him. The fire brigade came to rescue the trapped woman, she was critically injured and came to a clinic by helicopter. The accident driver and the police officer got off slightly injured. The exhaustions were supported by a helicopter and an appraiser, the L3005 was locked for hours.



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