The company Flixbus brings the first all-electric bus on the roads. As of Thursday, the Bus to commute from Chinese production between Frankfurt airport and Mannheim, as the company announced on Wednesday. The range of the model C9 with 40 seats is according to the manufacturer, BYD is about 320 kilometers. On the 115-Kilometer-long route to the University town of Heidelberg to move.

In the purchase of the vehicle is according to the company, approximately twice as expensive as a conventional diesel bus. Flixbus-Germany-Manager Fabian Stenger said it was a sign that the change in Mobility was possible. “For the first time in E-buses in our fleet a Signal to the Bush drive Creator, innovations, and to develop Alternatives to pure diesel.”

Flixbus want to load the vehicle up to twice a day and in the night with the Eco – power of the Partners Greenpeace Energy. Stations are located in Mannheim and Frankfurt. Flixbus has been using since March with a fully electric Bus on the route Paris-Amiens. Also this vehicle comes from China and comes from the manufacturer, Yutong.

In the Video, The buses are coming – the battle for The best offer

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