the editors of SPIEGEL ONLINE have won three awards for its interactive and visual journalism. Two of the excellent article questioning critically, how mobility in Germany developed and what that means for the readers personally.

according to the news Agency dpa distinguishes the project “The commuter’s Republic of” with the first place of the dpa-infographic awards 2018 in the category, message, info graphics : there has never been a commuter in Germany, so many of the profession as it is today. Data journalists from SPIEGEL ONLINE have taken the opportunity to make the phenomenon of commuting visually and personally experienced: How many people commute the same route as me? Where to commute to other professionals from my place?

Such questions, the editors Christina Elmer, Marcel Pauly, Patrick Stotz and Achim Tack in a personalized article, which reacts individually to the inputs of the users and customized graphic elements plays answered.

Petra Sammer, member of the Jury, called the article “a great Demonstration of what graphics can be a Online”. The Team of SPIEGEL ONLINE have worked up the “Story behind the graphic” individually, they develop a high degree of relevance for the viewer.

How many people do you commute like? Train, car, S-Bahn, Germany commutes

further, the dpa assigns a data journalistic analysis of the composition of the in the past year, elected Bundestag. Marcel Pauly and Caroline Wiemann showed in several diagrams, the extent to which the Parliament, under demographic aspects of the population. The two journalists take this as evidence for the third place in the special category of demographic change .

Also an interactive article about the planned relocation of the long distance train station Altona in Hamburg was excellent. The project “Need soon longer to train?” winning the technology Foundation Berlin and the Potsdam University of applied Sciences with first place in the category of the journalism competition “CityVis 2018” . SPIEGEL ONLINE editor-Philipp Seibt had analyzed, together with the transport experts of Targomo, which means the transfer of the station for the citizens – and have shown that hundreds of thousands of residents faring worse than before.

More on the traffic analysis, Motion Intelligence, the New railway station Altona: you will Need soon longer to train?

The CityVis competition in international level projects, the developments in cities are particularly well visualized. So, among other things, posts about fatal traffic accidents in Washington DC, and cell phone thefts have been filed in São Paulo.


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