The July 6, 2013 marked a milestone in the history of the PSOE (socialist party) and your party brother, Catalan, PSC. After years of discussions on the being of Spain, the socialists reached the Declaration of Granada for its 16 territorial leaders, in addition to Ceuta and Melilla, and the then first secretary of the PSC, calling for the reform of the Constitution. To the front of the party was Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, and in the organization of catalonia, Pere Navarro. The recognition of the plurality of Spain and of the uniqueness of their historical communities, with specific reference to Catalonia, it saved the estrangement between the PSOE and the PSC, in a few years, when nationalism began to move towards pro-independence ideas.

The missteps of exclude now of the electoral program any reference to federalism, the Declaration of Granada and signed in Barcelona in 2017 —this time by Pedro Sánchez and Miquel Iceta— with the recognition of the plurinational Spain, has not only caused amazement in the PSC but in most of the territorial leaders socialists.

why is that omission to a few postulates assumed and internalized by the vast majority of the socialists? The PSOE is federal, their bodies are federal and its political horizon to a Spain that is harmonious and cohesive society is “the deepening of the federalism”. This is from many years ago and they have reiterated their successive leaders. Immediately, Sanchez, has been rectified, first in an interview on Antenna 3, and after closing ranks with Iceta at a rally in Viladecans.

Review the autonomous State to “perfect it” and move forward in the federal structure is an objective of the PSOE. In the Barcelona Declaration are further developed in the proposed reform of the Constitution in a way that will move toward recognition “of the character plurinational” of Spain.


the pressures of The PSC lead the PSOE to recover in your program nods to federalism Iceta closes ranks seamlessly with Sanchez and the action of the Government, Sanchez accuses the PP and Citizens of disloyalty to the crisis in Catalonia

Everything was very measured in 2017. Since then, have barely survived in the PSOE considerations about Spain as a “nation of nations” developed by Sanchez in the primary he faced Susana Díaz, and Patxi López by the leadership of the party. In any subsequent programme was that definition.

The desire to banish the danger of losing votes for not showing enough firmness in the defense of the unity of Spain, led momentarily to the PSOE to ignore its essence federalist and to park in the defense of the constitutional reform as a solution. After the clash with the Catalan socialists, the PSOE has decided to retrieve his doctrine territorial and their knowledge base, program on constitutional reform and constitutional. All in all, the depth of the challenge secessionist, the judgment of the procés and its consequences explain that Sanchez skip now in his speech the references, previously constant, to the legal changes, a flag that held the deceased Rubalcaba, who is recognized obsessed by the growth of the independence. As it is, the consensus necessary for reforms of both the draft seems out of reality.


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