The curse of Hill House, Shirley Jackson (Lowercase)

here is the classic among the classics of the literature of haunted houses, newly reissued. Often, it is said that The Casa Infernal Richard Matheson founded the genre, but this novel – which has little to do with the famous series of Netflix beyond the title and the camp of the ghosts for a house in particular – the Queen of the Psychological thriller, Shirley Jackson, the woman that Stephen King owes everything that is not learned by watching The twilight zone, was released more than a decade before, and founds and resolves, closes in on itself, everything that I knew and still knows of the phenomenon poltergeist. The famous Hill House, a house in which even the clothes, in closets, covered of blood to certain hours of the night, and that the blows and the screams, creaks and darkness to stalk anyone who dares to cross their doors, come four scholars of the occult. In reality, a certain dr. Montague and three people you have recruited. Among them, is the heir of the mansion, which he hopes to discover if it is true what is said of it, the tormented Eleanor – transcript from the almost dreamlike Merrycat protagonist of another classic of Jackson, also recommended for a night like Halloween, we have Always lived in the castle – and who will quickly become your refuge, the rational Theodora. The answer to who has owned the home could not be more striking, nor be more in-tune with the theories of Pierre Michon.

The institute, by Stephen King (Plaza & Janés)


How a party farming became the global phenomenon of Halloween Halloween: there’s nothing like a good ghost story

it say that it is the best novel of the King of terrors starring young leaders determined to meet and defeat (whatever the cost) the Evil that he has written since It. Because, in reality, has not written many more, which, in particular, to place the children as archenemies of an Evil without form that can take any form, it must be true. The story is, also, a classic kingiano. A type either, Tim Jamieson, decides not to take the plane that was scheduled to take – by a mismatch of airspace, in a diversion narrative that simply appears, and he departs, as always happens in the stories of King, of the good road – and crossing the country (America) in bus. Tires to the minimum and ends up in a small town that is seemingly harmless, DuPray, making serene. Not in a hurry to get to New York, your new life has just begun. What you may not suspect is that, in a nod who knows if innocent Stranger Things in that small village are recruited pre – kidnapping – children with minds prodigious of that someone takes advantage of wildly. There are young and old. Some can move objects with the mind, others are good at talking without moving the lips. The only thing they share is that infernal site in which you have held, and from which none, ever, has escaped with life. A King in full form.

Ghost, Laura Lee Bahr (Orciny Press)

Laura Lee Bahr directs films in Los Angeles. He also writes novels terrifying, in Spain, it publishes the small but very nutritious – if the horror is your genre – Orciny Press, microsello that mimics the microsellos horror, sci-fi and all kinds of pulp, cult-americans, and that has in its possession another classic (even more terrifying) for Halloween as it is City revientacráneos, Jeremy Robert Johnson – there are not many books that you’d want to be able to close the eyes, as in the film, without that you can do it, and this is one of them. The funny thing about Ghost is that which speaks to you, that is to say, with the reader, because Ghost is a Choose your own adventure with ghosts, it is the dead that appears in the first few pages, Sarah, a clerk who died in strange circumstances. You, the reader, or a reader, you take in the skin of an aspiring rock star who may end up crashing – if the decisions that you make are not correct – and you’re going to have to vértelas with everything that surrounds the alleged murder of Sarah, the ghost, including the investigation, in which anda gotten off to a journalist in love with the victim. Interactivity and terror for a novel that could have been written by a very young David Lynch would have read more of the account to Douglas Coupland because, in the end, the thing goes from office workers die and are still falling in love and working as clerks.

The other, Thomas Tyron (Impedimenta)

has Just been published for the first time in Spanish to another one of those novels that preceded the phenomenon, King, or helped to shape it. Not in vain, the own King the often mentioned. The author is an actor that was once nominated for a Golden Globe and got to work with Otto Preminger and George Cukor, but that in 1969 (he had been born in 1926) was alienated in the world of show business and withdrew to the classic also, and very scary cabin in the middle of nowhere to write her first novel, an instant success when it was published three years later. Passes The other in a small town out in the novels of Shirley Jackson or the King in which, suddenly, the Death load too much ink against the same family, and even neighbors of the same family. A succession of macabre accidents – the small Russell has died impaled on a gallows in the barn, the violent and fatal falls down stairs – is running out with Perry, with all, except with the twin sons of the late Vining, the father, who, they say, can read the thoughts, in fact, live immersed in a strange game, telepathic who showed them his Russian grandmother, and are downright rare and, say, lethal. It is obvious why is it listed among the favorites of the author of The Glow. They say that until there is something of her in the classic who shot Stanley Kubrick.

The house of leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski (Alpha Decay/Pale Fire)

Yes, the great work of Mark Z. Danielewski is perhaps too ambitious for a single night, since their size is considerable, even if we take into account that the pages are sometimes screaming in silence and other, little phrases that are beyond the margins like you would a formation of ants, maybe not so much. Qualified by, once again, Stephen King as “the Moby-Dick of the horror genre”, to which Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) he added that I imagined perfectly to Thomas Pynchon, J. G. Ballard, the own King and David Foster Wallace bowing at the feet of its author, “choking with astonishment, surprise, laughter and awe,” The House of Leaves is not only the history of a house that is larger by dI enter from the outside but a terrifying Russian doll in the center of which beats the scary study that a blind old man made a mysterious documentary titled The record Navidson. A documentary film that shares the spirit with The Blair Witch Project in the sense that its protagonists also come to the monster, camera in hand. Only that the monster is not a witch devoraniños but the house of your dreams. That is not that is haunted, but that is a mutant. Grows. Without a break. To the point that its owner, the restless Will Navidson, a famous photojournalist father of two children (Daisy and Chad) and decided to win back his wife, the more distant Karen, is forced to flee deep into her, through the hall of the five and a half minutes, a corridor that one day simply appeared, with a team of speleologists.

things we lost in the fire, Mariana Enríquez (Anagram)

it Is true that tempts you to spend the Halloween night in the jam infinite on a secondary road that Jesus tells Canyons in Soon it will be night (Valdemar), a sort of zombie apocalypse made of wheels, asphalt, and distrust of the Spanish – is something like a Walking Dead homeland, a harsh, serious, desperate –, but also if you want to be scared, we can not forget to mention to Mariana Enríquez and stories of this, his first anthology published by Anagrama. There is in it, for example, a tourist guide who is dedicated to go to Buenos Aires, offering tours of crimes and criminals, to which it appears to him of a macabre killer of children, the most famous and most cruel of all, on the bus, every day, while explaining to tourists where the crimes were committed and why. Also ghosts banging doors and windows in a sinister inn, and polluted rivers are able to create monsters that are, in reality, children condemned to never be children. And up to classmates who do weird things and that one day they do something even more rare and do a lot of damage and you say, to you, the reader, or the story, that maybe you are the next, someone is going to start asking you to do weird things and you can not avoid them, and maybe these weird things end up with you. Said Daniel Gumbiner, in Mcsweeney’s, that the deed of Mariana Enríquez “is so true and insightful that it manages to evoke a reality more vivid than that which surrounds us”, and not lack reason, but I would add that this reality is frankly terrifying.


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