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History 26/03/20 Andrew Bogolyubskii killed “the most powerful of all Russian princes,”

on the night of 29 June 1174 at his residence was brutally murdered Grand Duke Andrey Bogolyubsky. The tragedy, however, and with the name Duke has a number of historical controversies and mysteries that to this day remain unresolved.

author of “the Story”

the Murder of the Prince is described in detail in “the Story of the murder of Andrei Bogolyubsky”, which was written if not an eyewitness to the events, then certainly the person who entered the circle of confidants of the Prince – “the Tale” abounds with detail. He probably saw one of the events, on the other, may have heard and recorded “the words”. That set forth in the “Story” was confirmed by the examination of the remains of the pious, held in 1934 at the Leningrad Institute of Radiology. But who is the author of “the Story”? Version Priselkov, it could be the Abbot theodolus, however, the authorship of this person is considered the least likely. Likhachev and Fishermen believed that it was one of the loyal servants of the Prince Custmise Kiyanin. And the author of numerous books on the North-Eastern Russia, Nikolay Voronin believed that to write “the Story” could the head of the Chapter of assumption Cathedral in Vladimir Mikula, who, incidentally, could be the author and the well-known “Tale of the miracles of our lady of Vladimir”.

what is the root of all evil?

About the reasons for the murder of the Prince being perhaps the most fierce debate. According to one version, the boyars sons of Kuchka long been “sharpened teeth” on Bogolyubsky. According to legend, his father, Yuri Dolgoruky, was killed one of the Kuchka, took his the village itself (by the way, one of the villages Dolgoruky laid the future of Moscow). The fate of two families are closely intertwined – the daughter of slain Kuchka Greenshank was the first wife of Andrei, and Andrei himself later executed one of the brothers for a crime for which another brother – Peter Kuchka – hate Bogolyubsky and “amassed a teamdu” to crack down with the old enemy. Another possible reason for the death of the pious is his policy in respect of individual Board – the desire to create a unified state, the head of which stood the Great Prince, did not cause enthusiasm among the boyars. From the “absolute ruler” Andrew wanted to escape his brothers Michael and Vsevolod, and also nephews, Mstislav and Yaropolk Rostislavovich. It is for their “order” and the murder was committed “the most powerful of all Russian princes”. Among other reasons is the desire of the pious to get rid of Byzantine influence, and also “conversion” of the Gentiles-merchants, which increased the number of Jews who converted to Christianity. Supporters of the latest version of remember that one of the conspirators was the Jew Ephraim Moesic.

Alone and without protection

Another question, which haunts not only to historians but also to all tourists coming in Bogolyubovo: the Prince is nobody guarding? Of course, guarded, but apparently, security was so small that it is easily disposed of: some have suggested that he was poisoned, others that quietly killed. According to another version – when Prince was a lad of Polotsk, to deal with which was not easy. A small number of people, who guarded the quarters of the Prince, may be due to the fact that the favorite residence of Bogolyubsky was more like a hunting Lodge – with the Prince were very close, and the Prince himself had power and military skills that he was confident.

Stolen sword

Despite the self-confidence, the Prince kept beside him the sword of Saint Boris, which hung over the bed. However, one of the conspirators, housekeeper Anba, could advance to steal weapons in order to facilitate the murderers committing the plan. And then – again the question. If you consider that before the incarnation of his idea of the killer was down to the wine cellar to “muster the courage” really the Prince did not hear anything and did not notice that the sword is not on the usual place? Whatever it was, but after the whoLiane the conspirators returned to the chambers of the Prince. Knocked, and to the question: “Who’s there?” one of them called the name of the beloved servants of Saint Andrew Procopius. The Prince, who knew the servant, he replied: “No, it’s not Procopius!” and, of course, opened the door. Then the killer began to break down the door, and the strange thing – these are the sounds no one responded.

the Killing

the Murder of the Prince was horrible: twenty-armed, brutal wine and hatred, burst into the bedroom and began to chop, chop, cut. In the darkness and confusion killed her, confusing it with Bogolyubsky. And, perhaps, the Prince managed to grab the sword from one of the attackers, and to respond to the kick. Then why the Prince could not protect himself then? Further the outcome of events also appears in several versions. For one, the killer pulled the body of a fallen “comrade” on the street there and only realized the mistake. Another killer struck the Prince a huge number of strikes. The first sword in the face. The second cut left shoulder and cut off his left hand, whereupon the Prince fell. In the Chronicles, by the way, we are talking about the right hand, but tests proved the fallacy of the, perhaps deliberate, of these descriptions. The killer continued to strike blow after blow, and then deciding that the Prince was dead, went again into the cellar, note the “successfully” completed the matter. But Bogolyubsky came around and tried to escape from the killers: mostly crawling, sometimes trying to stand up, the Prince came down the stairs. The blood trail he left behind, and found the conspirators. This time they have completed their job, the experts are inclined to believe that strikes and after the Prince was dead.


After the murder of Bogolyubsky’s residence was ransacked however, as indicated in the Laurentian chronicle, “plundered the house of the Prince” and the residents of Bogolyubovo, as well as farmers from nearby villages. Looting and riots began in the Vladimir, were subjected to looting the houses of the boyars and wealthy citizens. To pacify the people was only a procession “with the Holy Bogorodicey”. According to one version, the reason was the hatred of the Prince, which had a vladimirec, however, this is unlikely to be true – if Bogolyubsky of Vladimir turned from a small town to the capital of the Principality.

the Last journey

can Not confuse the fact that while people were “fascinated” robbery, the body of the Prince lying in the yard of the residence Bogoliubov – only Custmise Kiyanin left to bury the Prince. He tried to carry wrapped in a cloak (or carpet) the body of the Prince to the Church, which allegedly was closed. Apparently, the servant managed after some time to get this body to the porch of the Nativity Cathedral, where it lay to until the priests led the people to himself. The Prince’s body with all the honors was buried in the constructed assumption Cathedral, and in 1702 Andrey Bogolyubsky was canonized and canonized martyrs.

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