Annabelle Bucar: as an employee of the us Embassy caught in

History 26/03/20 Annabelle Bucar: as an employee of the us Embassy caught in “honey trap”

Annabelle of Bucur worked in the American Embassy in the Soviet Union, when met with a spectacular soloist of the operetta of Konstantin Lapshin. Lapshin was the KGB agent. But Bukar so in love with him that you remained in Moscow forever. In the Soviet Union she became a propaganda tool.

Service in the United States and arrival in the USSR

Annabelle of Bukar was born in 1915 in the American city of Clairton. Despite the fact that the father of Bukar was a poor farmer and brought up ten children, he was able to give her daughter a decent education. Annabelle graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, and then settled in the civil service. As he writes in his book “From Trotsky to Tito” James Klugmann (“From Trotsky to Tito”, James Klugmann), during the Second world war Bucar was transferred to work in the Office of strategic services. It is noteworthy that on the basis of this control after the war was created by the CIA. The very same Annabelle Bucar after the defeat of Nazi Germany was sent to serve in the American Embassy in the Soviet Union.

the arrival of Bukar to Moscow by Soviet intelligence already knew about the fact that she is an employee of the office of strategic services. Annabelle decided to keep under constant surveillance. To do this, in 1947, almost immediately after arriving in Russia, in the restaurant of the hotel “Metropol” member of the KGB, Leonid Reichman failed to Annabelle very attractive and well-known soloist of the Metropolitan operetta of Konstantin Lapshin. If you believe Mikhail Lyubimov, the author of the book “the bomb in bed,” Bukar so in love with that renowned Lovelace Lapshin had to marry her. Then Annabelle decided to stay in the Soviet Union and asked for political asylum.

Radiodoctor in the service of the security organs

In fact, Bukar landed in theit is called “honey trap”. The fact is that according to Fedor Razzakov, author of “Bullet for Zoe Fedorova, or the KGB’s making a movie”, Lapshin began to cooperate with the security organs in the early 1940-ies. The singer, under the patronage of Leonid richman had to get acquainted with foreign women and to persuade them to close. With Bukar everything was much more serious: Lapshin became the legal spouse of an American. It is noteworthy that She openly offered to work for the MGB. The woman was in love and ready for anything, so it’s not surprising that she immediately agreed to cooperate with the Soviet secret services.

Annabelle of Bukar was a such a piece of Communist propaganda. Moreover, what did an announcer on a radio station that broadcast in the United States and England. As an example of what he was talking about his audience of Bukar, A. V. Fateyev, in his book “the Image of enemy in Soviet propaganda” quotes an excerpt from her speech on January 15, 1953: “This atmosphere of peace, tranquility and happiness in the Soviet Union is especially beneficial in these days when war propaganda and war psychosis prevails in many countries of the world.” In addition, under the name of Annabelle Bucar in the Soviet Union published a book “the Truth about American diplomats,” which actually was written by the KGB.

life in the USSR and rumors of the return of the native

However, Annabelle Bucar was not against the use of their name in the mentioned edition. Yes and her marriage with Konstantin Lapshin, apparently, was happy. In September 1947 Bukar got pregnant, and 9 months later gave birth to a son. This fact is mentioned in particular in the publication “International relations of the United States: diplomatic papers,” in 1949 (“Foreign Relations of the United States: Diplomatic Papers”, United States. Department of State). And with their American relatives never Bukar connection is not lost, regularly calling them on the phone. In one such conversation, she informed the family about the death of his son, and later her husband.

the very same Annabelle Bucar died in 1998 at the age of 83 in Moscow. Interestingly, in the early 1950-ies there were rumors that Bukar disappointed in the Soviet system, and flew back to the US. The emergence of such legends was due to the suspension of work on the painting “goodbye, America!” based on the biography of Annabelle Bucar. In fact, when the Soviet Union tried to improve relations with the West, so the film has been shelved. In 1996 Vladimir Dmitriev initiated the reconstruction of the ribbon and spoke about this in one of his interviews. Bukar immediately called Dmitrieva and asked him to abandon the idea. Nevertheless, the film was restored.

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