As Russian forces defeated the Georgian army in 5 days

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the Tension increased gradually. The refugees all summer left Tskhinvali. Georgian and Russian troops defiantly into the eyes of each other arranged exercises in the area. The policy had terminated one of the agreements concluded by others. And, finally, the abscess burst.

the Ossetian blitzkrieg

on the night of 8 August 2008 Georgian troops attacked Tskhinvali, the rain of shells from rocket launchers “Grad”. After the artillery barrage at 03:30 the city moved the tanks. The capital of South Ossetia was taken in the environment, and by morning the army of Georgia controlled the entire Sinarsky district.

Simultaneously with the beginning of firing of the commander of the armed forces of Georgia announced on TV “making the decision to restore constitutional order in the conflict zone.”

By mid-day on 8 August a large part of South Ossetia was occupied by government troops of Georgia.

In response to the appeal of the South Ossetian leader Eduard Kokoity through the Roki tunnel was the first Russian combat unit — the 1st battalion of the 135th regiment. South Ossetia consisted of three battalion tactical group from the 429 and 503rd motorized rifle regiments of the 19th motorized rifle division and the 135th separate motorized rifle regiment of the 58th army of the North Caucasus military district, that deployed in combat formations in areas of Java and Gufta.

At 15:30 clashes began Russian and Georgian troops. By the end of the day, the Russian troops cleared the ring road and heights in the area of Kverneti, Tbeti, Zari and went to the Western edge of Tskhinvali.

the Evening of 8 August, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said that government troops in full control of the entire territory of South Ossetia except the highland settlements of Dzhava.

9 Aug continued to move troops from Russia into South Ossetia and creation of strike groups. In the area of operations was the fbroshena 76th Pskov airborne division. Russian ships entered the territorial waters of Georgia and started combat patrols.

units of the 58th army arrived on the outskirts of Tskhinvali, “start preparing the operation to enforce peace in the area of responsibility of the peacekeepers”, the artillery shelled the firing points in the Tskhinvali region and conducts counterbattery fight.

Not all went smoothly. When you try to release Russian peacekeepers in Tskhinvali by the forces of the battalion group of the 135th motorized rifle regiment, the group was faced with Georgian troops began a new assault on the city. The column, which was the vehicle commander of the 58th army Lieutenant-General Anatoly Khrulyov, was ambushed by Georgian special forces. The driver of the car was killed, the commander returned fire from his service weapon, but was seriously wounded. After suffering losses in men and equipment, the group departed from the city.

on 10 August, Russia has increased its forces in South Ossetia prior to the four regimental tactical groups (135th, 429 and 503rd motorized rifle regiments and the regiment of the 76th Pskov airborne assault division) and has attracted considerable force of artillery. The total number of troops was reduced to about 10 thousand people.

In response, Georgia launched a military deployment to its infantry brigade from Iraq. In addition, in Kiev began the formation of volunteer corps, ready to go to the aid of Georgia. The initiative showed the Ukrainian nationalists. But the operation failed: the tickets in Tbilisi were too expensive.

All night the 10th of 11 August South Ossetia was a fight for dominating over Tskhinvali Pressie height. Georgian troops continued shelling of the city and a number of settlements of South Ossetia overnight, but by mid-day was shattered from almost all parts of Tskhinvali. Prissie height also were repulsed by Russian troops. During the fighting, blocked the Georgian enclaves to the North of the South Ossetian capital. In this area the Georgian troops were cut off from basicobjective of the group.

To the shores of Abkhazia there has arrived group of ships of the black sea fleet headed by the missile cruiser “Moskva”. The group also includes the patrol ship “Smetliviy” and support vessels. In this area there were three large amphibious assault ship. The Navy repulsed the attack missile boats Georgia missile strikes and artillery fire, one of them was sunk.

In the second half of day representatives of the Georgian foreign Ministry handed to the Consul, a note stating that the Georgian side stops military operations in South Ossetia. But the shootout in the conflict zone continued.

Through the Roki tunnel from Russia into Georgia moved multiple rocket launchers “Hurricane” and tactical rocket complexes “Tochka-U”.

In the three Georgian cities – Gori, Zugdidi and Senaki – there was fighting between the troops of Russia and Georgia. Georgian troops retreated from positions around Gori, throwing military equipment and property. Late in the evening, fighting between the armies of Russia and Georgia unfolded in 25 km from Tbilisi, said Georgian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Nikolaz of Natbiladze.

on 12 August in South Ossetia, Russian troops reached the administrative border with Georgia is almost in its entirety, continuing to squeeze on the South’s few remaining combat-ready Georgian troops.

“I made the decision to end the operation to force Georgian authorities to peace. The goal is reached,” said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at a working meeting in the Kremlin.

Battle in heaven

the Morning of 8 August, Russian aircraft began to bomb targets in Georgia. Planes attacked a military base in Gori, airfields Vaziani and Marneuli, where based aircraft su-25 and L-39, as well as radar 40 kilometers from Tbilisi. According to the administration of the city of Gori, as a result of the RAID killed more than 20 people, more than 400 were injured.

the Russian side has lost a su-25 attack aircraft and long-range supersonic bomber Tu-22 is a very powerful and expensive war machine. Three pilots, catapultingup as well as common from the downed bomber detained by law-enforcement authorities of Georgia.

In the combat area were several air combats, shot down a Georgian su-25 that attacked the positions of 58th army. 9 August, Russian military aircraft attacked a military airfield in Western Georgia and attacked the Kodori valley in Abkhazia controlled by Georgia.

the Bombing of the Georgian territory, caused panic among the authorities and population. So, the representative of the Georgian interior Ministry said that on August 10 early morning, Russian aircraft carried out a RAID on Tbilisi international airport. He later clarified that the airstrike occurred in a neighboring area that housed the factory “Tbilaviastroy”.

on the Night of 10 August the Russian air strikes were subjected Tbilisi, Batumi, Poti and Zugdidi. Acted, at least 50 Russian bombers at the same time. In combat he was shot down two su-25 attack aircraft.

on August 12 the Russian air force bombed in Gori. Georgian television showed that the impact of Russian aircraft fell on the city TV tower and to the mountains.

Evil war

fighting in the streets of Tskhinvali was carried out in the most brutal way. Regular South Ossetian forces, the city was not, as the militia almost nothing to oppose the tanks. During the battle, was almost completely destroyed district hospital. Set fire to University buildings and Parliament. The headquarters and barracks of the Russian peacekeepers opened targeted fire from systems of volley fire.

the War was fought without rules. Too much was a confrontation between the two peoples.

People hid in basements. The Georgian infantry entered the city, staged a “stripper”. The military knew that Ossetians are hiding in basements, and threw a grenade or shot with machine guns.

“I saw how Ossetian women pray for Russian tanks, I talked to the grandfather, whose Georgian tank ran over the car with his son, wife and child” – wrote the correspondent of the newspaper “Solidarity” Julia Corwin.

Witnesses said: “Center most bombed. Bombing from the air was the day. The house where hid the women and children, caught fire. The fire reached the basement. But the floor was earthen, and they began to dig into the ground. Came to the aid of the defenders of the city. They were 16-17 years old. Residents pulled from the burning basement, and they fled to the basement of the school.

Meanwhile, the city entered Georgian tanks and infantry. One of the tanks by direct fire started to shoot at the school building. The militia fought with tanks. They took plastic bottles of soda, poured from cars, the gasoline, and the Molotov cocktail were thrown at the Georgian tanks. How many guys were killed, does not count, but they knocked out a tank.

According to official figures in Tskhinvali, killed at least 2,000 inhabitants. Russian casualties amounted to 71 people dead and 340 wounded. Georgia lost 215 of military personnel were missing and 70 injured 1469 citizens of the country.

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