Ex-DSDS candidate Ardian Bujupi (29) follows up with a new summer single. In the music video for “Modela” he dances with the sexy influencer Sabrine Khan and radiates a lot of lust for summer, sun and beach.

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You always fall in love with the wrong people, probably everyone can sing a song about that. The advantage for superstars like Ardian Bujupi: if he does, a fat hit single will come out. Latest proof: the supercatchy and trilingual new song “Modela”.

Ardian Bujupi: Neues Video zu "Modela" mit sexy Influencerin Sabrine Khan

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That’s what the song is about

The rapper / singer with the Kosovo-Albanian roots, who in the past months with tracks like “Wie im Traums”, “Cika, Cika”, “ANDIAMO”, “Meine Liebe” and “Guns & Roses” has millions of Spotify- Streams could tell the story of an adorable long-legged dancer who once managed to steal his heart.

The problem: the “ice-cold angel” has long since lost its own, her soul dark and desolate like a foggy November night in Heidelberg-Emmertsgrund. And so even a multilingual hotshot like Bujupi has to acknowledge the lack of chance of an overture (“she needs a gangster”) – but not without warning future prospects of the graceful and supple Femme Fatale: “It is cold, you have no chance – because she has a heart of ice ”. In the video the beautiful Sabrine plays this part.

“Modela” was able to collect more than 450K clicks within a few hours.

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