Curvy model and power woman

The curvy model Angelina Kirsch (31, "Rock your mind! Be good to you every day") can look forward to two new jobs at the private broadcaster Sat.1. In the eighth season of the well-known casting cooking show "The Taste" she will be seen as a presenter from autumn 2023 and will succeed Christine Henning (37). The shooting for this will start at the end of May.

Also this year, from June 19 at 8:15 p.m., she will also be leading through a brand new program. At “Guinness World Records” the name says it all: In the three episodes planned so far, Kirsch will present the most incredible and daring world records in human history. "I love to see how people with one goal in mind are in top form – be it trying to set a record or creating sophisticated dishes," says Kirsch, who has two things in common.

Thus, she continues to expand her third pillar. After being discovered early as a model, she has also made a name for herself as a counsel writer in recent years. As a presenter, she has already gained experience thanks to the Netflix backshow “Who can, can!”. In the casting show “Supermodel – Echt. Nice. Curvaceous ”she was seen as a juror.



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