As a terminator, the sentence “I’ll be back” became Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (72, “Predator”) trademark. Now a modification of his legendary slogan from the action series is emblazoned on numerous protective masks. The former governor of California designed a mask emblazoned with the hopeful message: “We’ll be back.”

“We’ll be coming back. We’ll get through this together, ”promises the 72-year-old on the social media platform Instagram. The accompanying photo shows the former bodybuilder and politician on the beach next to the famous Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, which – like so many places around the world – is unusually deserted. Schwarzenegger sits on a bike and wears the black protective mask, which he only offers for sale on the Internet until Thursday (April 23) for just under EUR 15. Delivery begins on May 1st.

The proceeds from the sale of the nose and throat protection made in the USA go to the charity “After-School All-Stars”, which the star from Thal in Styria founded in 2002. It offers children from poor backgrounds extra-curricular programs but also supplies the families in need in the Corona crisis with food. The range of the non-profit organization is enormous, around 92,000 students in ten US states are supported.

Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger has long been involved in the fight against the coronavirus. In March, he donated a million dollars out of his own pocket to the “Frontline Responders Fund”, which supports doctors, nurses and the like in the fight against the virus. He also kept calling on his fans and followers on social networks to stay at home. He will assist the incumbent governor of California Gavin Newsom as a consultant in the corona crisis.


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