He changed German rap and the German language. That will not tire of stressing arrest warrant. Much has remained the same on “The White Album”.

“Give me a ton of white bricks and I’ll build an igloo. I saw more white than an Eskimo. ”Anyone who hears the first lines of“ The White Album ”is immediately drawn into the artist’s world.

Arrest warrant, whose real name is Aykut Anhan, ends a five-year break with his fifth studio album, in which no solo project by the rapper has appeared.

The world of the 34-year-old rapper from Offenbach am Main has certainly changed a lot in recent years. Instead of dealing with drugs themselves or escaping from the police, arrest warrant texts are now more about expensive watches and drug use.

Haftbefehl: So klingt "Das weisse Album"

Photo: Brede


Notable features

However, the self-confidence of “Babo H” has remained high. Like on his previous works, arrest warrant boasts that since his first studio album “Azzlack Stereotype” he has changed more than just the German rap scene (“I changed the language in this country – man, f *** hip-hop ! “). Not only the fact that the word “Babo” (for father or boss), which he often used, even made it to the youth word of the year in 2013, proves him right.

With “Das weisse Album”, Deutschrap has its counterpart to “The Black Album” by US rapper Jay-Z, one of the greatest of his kind.

On the 14 tracks, arrest warrant is as usual aggressive with beats that fly around your ears. The features with some of the hottest German rappers such as UFO361, Shindy or Shirin David make it clear that a high level of charter success has been factored in here.

Haftbefehl: So klingt "Das weisse Album"

Photo: Brede

With Part IV, V and VI of the 1999 series, the arrest warrant also continues to work on parts of his criminal past, which he said began in 1999 at the age of 14. The personal touch of the three songs stands out from the otherwise largely riot-brushed album as well as “Papa was a Rolling Stone” (prowler), for which “Hafti” has repeatedly brought rapper mate Marteria on board. Both process their difficult adolescence and address their respective son directly.

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