The table mountain

About 45 minutes of helicopter flight on the 2810 meters high Plateau of the Roraima Tepui in the tri-border region of Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil. The only way to the top, “La Rampa”, located on the Venezuelan side, for him you need a day.

Climbing is also possible; in 2010 the first ascent of the 600 Meter vertical ascending the North wall was the German Stefan Glowacz and Holger Heuber. And on top of that? It is in a kind of prehistoric world, with its own Flora and Fauna (80 per cent are endemic), 52 lakes and a border stone.

The country of Guyana

Tourist Guyana is a pipsqueak; 2017 flew just 500 German tourists to the South American Atlantic coast. Your goal: The Flora and Fauna in the tropical rain forest of Amazonia.

Because the landscape of Guyana is a giant. More than 80 percent of the once-British colony (after independence in 1966, English as the official language remained) are forested and almost uninhabited.

one comes from the Eco-Lodge to Eco-Lodge with all-wheel drive, canoe, or plane. Only the coastal strip, where 90 percent of the 750,000 inhabitants live, has an urban infrastructure.

The water Lily

it adorns the national coat of arms of Guyana – the giant water Lily Victoria. This is in the whole Amazon region, it was discovered, but 180 years ago in the then colony of British Guyana, Richard Schomburgk. The German botanist in the service of the English crown, and gave the Lily in honor of Queen Victoria, the name Victoria regalis.

The grid imitated architects in the construction of the first cantilever – like structure of the two – Meter-wide floating leaves-they can withstand up to 50 kilograms of heavy loads-bridges in the 19th century. A century after.


from February to April is the best time to travel to Guyana – it’s hardly raining, and in the multi-ethnic Georgetown is celebrated: It starts with Mashramani, carnival, the Afro-Guyaner, it is the Hindu Holi and the Christian celebration of Easter to follow. The latter is of great interest to travelers, because at the same time a gourmet festival in the capital, as well as a great kite-flying competition.

Kaieteur falls

660 cubic meters of water per second falls 226 feet in depth – the world’s largest free-falling waterfall, the Highlight of Guyana and the centre of the only national parks in the country.

The quote

“The Mount Everest of stamps”

Sotheby’s opened with these words, in 2014, the auction of the British Guiana 1c magenta. You scored $ 9.5 million. Thus, the values from the year 1856, of which only one copy survived the time, the most expensive stamp; your buyer remained anonymous.

Bizarre, Record-breaking, Typical: for More parts of our countries customer series you can find here.


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