Artist Blank spoke about the disease Gubenko and Bolotova

While the couple are at the hospital waiting for test results, which was confirmed by colleagues of Nikolai Gubenko in the Moscow city Duma. Status of Zhanna Bolotova reported conflicting information. Her husband called false information about the presence of wives of coronavirus.

these days he headed the theater “Commonwealth Taganka actors” work to play “Arturo UI’s Career which could not be” on the famous play of Bertolt Brecht. The premiere is scheduled for may 7, to the 75-th anniversary of Victory. Puts performance the German filmmaker Siegfried kühn. March 14, he said in Moscow on 85 – letie, and on the occasion of the anniversary to him from Germany came the wife. After Zhanna Bolotova, associate with them, got sick, there were rumors that she might have caught it from the wife of Siegfried.

Siegfried kühn was studied in VGIK on Sergey Gerasimov’s course and then became known in the GDR, the Director and screenwriter, he made such films as “Today only die always other”, “Actress”, “Rural Romeo and Juliet”. He is fluent in Russian. Opening the season, Nikolai Gubenko emphasized that it is particularly important the fact that the anniversary of the Victory of anti-fascist play by Brecht put German Director, and the prototype of the hero was Hitler. “This is the first thing we’re going to surprise,” – said the artistic Director of the theater.

artistic Director of the play Boris Blank told “MK” the amazing story of the upcoming performance.

– “Career of Arturo UI” was my diploma in the art Department of VGIK. And the Director was a student of Gerasimov Siegfried kühn. The main role then played by Nikolai Gubenko. We three with this performance came to life. He had a huge success. Since then it’s 57 years old. And suddenly nick called me and said, “I want to do this show. Siegfried is going to us. He asked where the Form”. The scenery in the work, and they are pretty powerful. Siegfried rehearsing. The main role is played by another actor, as it requires great physical strength. But nick will also participate in the finals, so we have like two Wee. He ingeniously say