SK started checking information about visiting hospitals Lobnya men with coronavirus

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the Investigative Committee of the Moscow region checks the information that the hospital Lobnya came a man with a coronavirus.

On the official website of the Ministry reads that the man violated sanitary and epidemiological rules.

“the media should be, a man with a positive for novel coronavirus infection COVID-19, independently came to a medical facility to get an x-ray”, – said the representative of the SC region.

it was Alleged that the patient was not warned doctors about the scheduled visit. Therefore all the people who were in the clinic were quarantined.

With the completion of the test the investigators will take the procedural decision.

last night in 35 regions of Russia 440 confirmed cases of infection COVID-19. The country now was 2 777 cases of coronavirus infection in 75 regions.

Earlier it was reported that the explosive growth in the number of infected COVID-19 no.

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