He involves his children

Ashton Kutcher (42, “Two and a Half Men”) takes a stand. After being advised by Twitter users that not only the life of black people counts (“Black Lives Matter”), but every life was important (“All Lives Matter”), he now explained in a moving video what it was about he really did when he attended Blackout Tuesday. On Tuesday (June 2), the Hollywood star, like so many others, set a sign against racism with a black image on social networks .

For his post with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, however, Kutcher seems to have had some headwind. The actor stops. “I don’t think the people who write ‘All Lives Matter’ should be blocked,” the actor began to tell in his Instagram video . In his opinion, they should be “trained” instead. Just as he and his wife Mila Kunis (36, “Bad Spies”) would also teach their children in subjects such as justice and acceptance.

Every day, Kutcher said, he and Kuni’s daughter Wyatt (5) and son Dimitri (3) would go to bed. On Tuesday evening, the actor had “a really moving experience”. When reading Wyatt’s book first, as always, Dimitri asked why he wouldn’t even get it read first. Kunis’ answer: “Because girls are the first to get there.” Son Dimitri disagreed – and Kutcher intervened.

He had explained to his son that women always had priority in his family, because “for some boys girls have nothing to report”. Then it became clear to him: A similar statement can also be made about the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Why is it important to write “Black Lives Matter” instead of “All Lives Matter”? Because there are still people in this world for whom the lives of black people “don’t count at all”, Kutcher explained in his video close to tears.



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