There was an incredible family drama in Schwarzach, Bavaria. There two children were found dead in an apartment. According to the preliminary findings of the investigative authorities, the children should have died as a result of outside influence. The father of the children is apparently very suspicious and is now in police custody.

Police officers made a gruesome find on Friday night in Bavaria. The officers had found two children dead in their home in Schwarzach, Bavaria. The children aged 6 and 8 years had died from outside influences. The 36-year-old father who lives in the apartment is considered an urgent suspect.

The police were informed by a woman "that a 36-year-old acquaintance called her and she was afraid that the man had suicidal intentions because of the phone call." When the apartment was searched, the bodies of the children were found while the father had already left the apartment.

After the father was not found in the apartment, a search was started. A few hours later, the man volunteered for the police. The investigation into this mysterious and tragic case is ongoing.

"The suspicion arose that the children died from outside influences," the investigating officials had explained. During the day, the suspect will be brought before a judge in Regensburg. The investigators now want to determine the background of the crime and the course of the crime.



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