Has Beatrice Egli finally found a new love? Your last statements definitely suggest it! It would be nice if the pretty pop singer had finally found a new love!

Beatrice herself absolutely believes in great love! "I firmly believe that at some point I will meet this man with whom I can share my life," she said in an interview. Has she already found her new love? Your recent Instagram posts definitely give hope for the best!

Your latest posts are fueling speculation! "I see the world through the pink glasses today." Beatrice recently posted on Instagram, wearing pink heart glasses … the fans of course smelled a fuse immediately and speculated on a new love! Does a new man make Beatrice smile like that? Beatrice now comments on the rumors.

Beatrice herself continues to fuel the rumors: “Winter is here, but spring feelings can also come in winter, I can only say. I'm happy, ”she said in an interview with RTL. That sounds very suspicious, is there really a new man in your life? Maybe she'll make it official soon!



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