Beatrice naked in the dunes? Was it so wanted ?! Beatrice Egli is certainly one of the hit beauties at all, in addition to her popular songs, the pretty blonde also repeatedly draws attention to herself with pictures of herself in tight outfits – but now a picture has appeared that is not even a scarce outfit, Beatrice recalls namely naked in the dunes!

Beatrice Egli nude photo in the dunes!

In any case, the fans overturn their comments on social media. If you know Beatrice otherwise figure-consciously dressed and quite sexy at times, there was apparently no such picture yet! Actually Beatrice likes to spend a lot of time hiking and biking in the mountains, but now she shows up in a completely different environment, the dunes – and that in very airy clothes! (see the pictures on the next page!)

Daring song video shows a lot!

The picture was created for a video of one of your most popular songs: “feather light”, then almost a scandal, now rediscovered by fans! But the Schlager Beauty can also afford to show it. Her fans love her curves and her naturalness – a skinny Beatrice Egli would rather leave many question marks with her followers!



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