Became aware of a new fraud with the return of the tickets

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

In Russia, a new scheme of deception of citizens, associated with mass cancellation of flights and a refund for the tickets on the background of the pandemic coronavirus infection. Passengers promise to transfer the money for the cancelled flights, luring credit cards, reports the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the head of the Association for the development of financial literacy in the Central Bank Andrey Peranich.

it is Noted that all data on cancelled flights are recorded in the personal offices of the passengers and delivered by mail or via instant messengers. Having access to that information, the Scam becomes easier to commit targeted attacks on customers.

we Know that airlines are obliged to refund money for cancelled flights if they were cancelled at the request of the state. In this scenario, the airline notifies the passengers about further actions to contact them by phone or visit the office.

the airline may not return spent money for the ticket, if the passenger refused from the flight before the flight was removed from the schedule. This is used by the attackers, promising to return all expenses.

According to expert estimates, the potential number of victims of hackers can reach several million people. In this regard, banks have begun to track such fraudulent schemes, including and not associated with the return tickets. In particular, we are talking about the phishing emails, requests for money from aid funds nominees, nominees services for the delivery of goods.

Previously, experts have discovered a new fraud scheme with clients in the Forex market. Thus, according to one of the circuits on the deceived customer who can not withdraw his Deposit out of a kind of “PR Agency”, which proposes to create the negative background against Forex company. The customer promise a complete refund, which is estimated at 100 thousand rubles, but the enumeration from the company, the client still does not receive.

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