70 previously unpublished photos

On Thursday, Heidi Klum (46) will choose the new winner of “Germany’s next Top Model” – the winner from last year already has something to celebrate. Simone Kowalski (22) was not only the title star of the May issue of “Playboy”, now the magazine shows more pictures, there are a total of 122 motifs in an online special edition. In addition to the photos already published in the May issue, the “Playboy Special Digital Edition” presents 70 previously unpublished pictures.

The photos of the “GNTM” winner were obviously very well received: “Working with Simone Kowalski made ‘Playboy’ the most successful month since the Laura Müller Festival in January. The ‘Playboy’ photos were not only enthusiastically received by our readers, but are also an act of liberation for the reigning ‘GNTM’ winner, as she told us in the interview, ”explains the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Florian Boitin.

In the interview of the May issue of the men’s magazine, Kowalski said about the motivation behind the revealing photos: “I want to express that you have to go through difficult times, even if you don’t always observe the desired backing.” Kowalski was considered one of the early ones Favorites at “GNTM”, but at the same time had the stamp of “Drama Queen” stamped on her, as she says.

She blames her past for that. “It had to do with my physical problems, but unfortunately many did not relieve me of that.” The former competitive athlete had found a running error that led to back pain and foot cramps, then to three operations. “It was all very time-consuming, so I was tied to the bed for around a year or sat in a wheelchair.”

Today the model is doing better again. “I take care of my health a lot more and do targeted training,” said Kowalski and said in retrospect: “Maybe I had underestimated the strain on ‘Germany’s next top model’.” again “really gained in self-confidence, […] I am very satisfied”.



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