That was the final in Berlin

The finale of the 15th season of “Germany’s next Topmodel” was different from the previous 14 seasons. Due to the corona virus pandemic, model mom Heidi Klum (46) was not physically present for the first time at the live show, but was switched on from a screen from Los Angeles to Berlin. After more than three hours, she selected Jacky (21, Rheingau-Taunus) as the winner in 2024. However, another candidate initially caused a surprise. And there was plenty to talk about on the net. The highlights at a glance.

The finale started with a spacey dance performance and outtakes of the anniversary season. Star photographer Christian Anwander represented Heidi Klum as a moderator on the live show in Berlin. With Klum’s absence and the video switch was joked. The model mom acted as if the technology was spinning and froze to the still image. A classic. However, the soundtrack sometimes appeared to be delayed, as there were often pauses in the flow of the conversation or overlapping intervals of speech. Particularly irritating: the applause, although it is known that there was no audience in the hall. The applause from the tape was not well received on the net.

“Clapping is so unnecessary” or “clapping is all the time embarrassing,” was read on Twitter, among other things. The next confusion: In the first hour, no advertising was recorded. “Almost an hour without advertising? There’s something in the bush here. #GNTM ”or“ The finale has been going on for almost an hour and that without advertising. What’s going on there? #GNTM ”, some viewers were irritated on Twitter. “I think ProSieben is so busy recording the applause that they forget to place advertisements #GNTM,” another Twitter user speculated .

However, the tide seemed to turn in the course of the broadcast. “First no advertising for an hour, now every 15 minutes. #GNTM ”, a viewer complained via Twitter . “Meanwhile there was more advertising to see than the finalists #GNTM”, another viewer tweeted . This viewer expressed a different opinion on Twitter : “The finale consists of advertising and throwbacks #GNTM”. What is meant by throwbacks? There were a number of recorders looking back on season 15 and the 14 before.

After less than 45 minutes, candidate Lijana (24, Kassel) caused a surprise moment. After the first walk, the “Be yourself” walk, she explained: “I will no longer be the food for even more hatred. Because from now on I only listen to my heart. And that’s why I’m not going to the final. ”Not only she, but also her family and even her dog were confronted with hate. Opinions differ on the net.

Some Twitter users were sure that Klum and the broadcaster knew about the departure, but since some players were still with all four girls, others doubted it. Some Twitter users paid Lijana respect for her decision and condemned the actions that led to her exit. Other viewers accused her of being particularly effective in the media and giving in to the bullies. ProSieben tweeted, among other things, after Lijana’s departure : “She is not alone. And was not alone. She gets help and support from us. ”

In addition to the Top 20 from this year, Walks also put down former candidates Sara Kulka, Theresia Fischer, Tatjana Wiedemann, Jacqueline Thießen, Micaela Schäfer, Gisele Oppermann, Carina Zavline and Klaudia with K – all in white outfits. They also chatted with Heidi Klum about their current circumstances. For example, Sara Kulka (29) said that she fulfilled her double motherhood. Gisele Oppermann (32) also spoke about her child. And Klaudia with K (23) raved about her fiance, a “hot Brazilian”. Afterwards, Rebecca Mir (28) presented the personality award to semi-finalist Tamara (19), who thanked her with English.

There was no real mood. There were no real show acts, even if there was plenty of dancing. Instead, you got lost in retrospect. After Lijana, the dream of winning the title for Maureen (20, Vienna) came to nothing. The victory was made up by Jacky and Sarah P. (20, Vorau in Styria). For the final decision, Heidi Klum brought in “GNTM” veteran Thomas Hayo (51). The highlights of the two girls from the season were shown and they were allowed to show two walks. Then Klum announced – of course with a played, time-delaying technical malfunction – Jacky as the winner.

As “Germany’s next top model” in 2024, Jacky will receive a winner’s premium of 100,000 euros, a contract with the agency ONEeins fab and decorate the cover of the German “Harper’s BAZAAR”. In addition, she will be seen together with designer Philipp Plein (42) in his official campaign for his first perfume, which he announced personally in the finale. A “GNTM” final of a different kind and somehow not.



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