Nationwide demonstrations

The United States of America does not calm down after George Floyd’s violent death in Minneapolis. Since then, hundreds of thousands have protested against police violence and racism in almost every major US city. Numerous celebrities mingled with the predominantly peaceful protests in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and numerous other metropolises, and then shared their impressions of the demonstrations via social media

“Westworld” star Tessa Thompson (36) shared a video of her attendance at a rally in Los Angeles, California on Twitter . This shows: Peaceful demonstrators who, kneeling out of solidarity, kept shouting, “This is our America!” She also retweeted other posts that said that everything had gone completely peacefully until the police attacked the demonstrators with rubber bullets.

The musician Ariana Grande (26, “thank u, next”) was also on the streets of Los Angeles, more precisely in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. She also spoke of peaceful protests in which people only called, chanted and whistled. On Twitter she shared pictures of the protest and wrote: “We were passionate, we were loud, we were loving.”

Hollywood actor John Cusack (53, “Runaway Jury”) took part in the protests in Chicago. He reported that police officers came to him with batons and hit his bike. He shared a video on Twitter , in which you can hardly see anything, but clearly heard police officers shouting at him loudly: “Move! Get the hell out of here! Right now!”

Acting colleague Jamie Foxx (52, “Ray”) traveled to the epicenter of the protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. As the US broadcaster ABC broadcast , Foxx even gave a moving speech there. He was not here as a celebrity: “These are my brothers.” He wanted to support those who are in the front row of the protests. “We are not afraid to stand here, we are not afraid of this moment.”

Rapper, presenter and Mariah Carey ex Nick Cannon (39) also mingled with the protests in Minneapolis. Cannon wore a sweater with the words “Please, I can’t breathe” (in German: “Please, I can’t breathe”). It was the last words of the killed George Floyd. In a picture he shared on Instagram, he also held a poster with the victim’s portrait and the words “Justice for Floyd” in the cameras.

Canadian actress Ellen Page (33, “Juno”) meanwhile took part in a demonstration in New York City, more precisely in the Brooklyn district. She shared a video on Twitter in front of the Barclays Center there. To see and hear in it: Hundreds of activists who loudly applaud out of solidarity.

The Michael Jackson daughter Paris Jackson (22) also participated in one of the numerous demonstrations. She shared a picture of herself and other demonstrators on Instagram and described the development from peaceful protests to violent conflicts: “It broke my heart when everything went up in flames. Violence is not the solution. ”In her eyes, only a peaceful protest would make sense.

Together with his new love, fellow actor Ana de Armas (32), Ben Affleck (47, “Paycheck”) was out on the streets in protest, also in Los Angeles. Affleck held a “Black Lives Matter” note in his hand. His girlfriend posted a picture of it on Twitter.



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