Large-scale deployment in Rüdersdorf near Berlin. There was a dangerous incident there early Wednesday morning. A man had requested help from the police for a break-in. After the police picked up the case on site, gunfire suddenly occurred.

Mysterious crime case in Rüdersdorf near Berlin. After a man requested help from the police for a break-in, the police drove a patrol car to the alleged crime scene. After the police there spoke to the man to question the details of the break-in and were already leaving the house, gunshots were suddenly fired. The patrol officers on site immediately asked for the help of the SEK.

Immediately afterwards, the area around Rüdersdorfer Strasse was completely closed off.

Shortly afterwards, a SEK task force stormed the man's apartment with the help of a stun grenade. The officers then entered the apartment and were able to arrest the apartment owner who previously called the police for the break-in. So far, the police have not yet specified what exactly happened on the spot. However, the officials confirm that a start pistol and pyrotechnics were found when the apartment was searched. In addition, a police spokesman confirmed that the man had now been admitted to a psychiatric clinic because he had behaved psychologically abnormally.



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