History 23/03/20 “Bloody” Winter storm: how many have actually been victims

the capture of the Winter Palace is considered the starting point of the October revolution of 1917. In Soviet history books this event is covered by a halo of heroism. And, of course, around it there are a lot of myths. How did that happen?

Who defended the Winter?

By October 1917 the Winter Palace was the residence of the Provisional government and the soldiers ‘ hospital on behalf of crown Prince Alexei.

on the Morning of 25 October, the Petrograd Bolsheviks were busy building Telegraph, telephone exchange, state Bank, and railway stations, the main power station and food stores.

About 11 o’clock Kerensky left Petrograd on the car and went to Gatchina, leaving the government with no instructions. The fact that he fled from the Winter, dressed in a dress is nothing more than a myth. He went openly, and in your own clothes.

Asboolean in Petrograd, hastily appointed civilian Minister N. M. Kishkin. All hope was that with the front catch up with the troops. In addition, there was no ammunition, no food. Was nothing to feed the cadets Peterhof and Oranienbaum schools – the main defenders of the Palace.

in the first half of the day, they were joined by women’s shock battalion, the battery of the Mikhailovsky artillery school, school of engineering warrant officers and Cossack detachment. Tightened and volunteers. But by evening, the ranks of the defenders of the Winter had thinned out considerably, as the government has behaved very passively and has been dormant, limited to vague appeals. The Ministers were in isolation was cut short by the telephone.

At half past six on the Palace square, the cyclists arrived from the fortress who brought signed by Antonov-Ovseenko ultimatum. In it the Provisional government on behalf of the Military revolutionary Committeeshe was asked to surrender under threat of bombardment.

to Join the talks, the Ministers refused. However, the real storm began only after to the aid of the Bolsheviks arrived, several thousand sailors of the Baltic fleet from Helsingfors and Kronstadt. At that time, Winter was guarded by only 137 women soldiers women’s death battalion, three companies of cadets, and a detachment of 40 George-persons with disabilities. The number of defenders ranged from approximately 500 to 700 people.

the progress of the storm

the Bolshevik revolution that began in 21 hours and 40 minutes after it was produced a blank shot from the cruiser “Aurora”. Was started by rifle and machine-gun bombardment of the Palace. The first attempt to storm the defenders managed to repulse. In 23 hours the attack was resumed, this time fired from artillery guns of the Peter and Paul fortress.[irp]

meanwhile it turned out that the rear inputs Winter is almost unguarded, and through them to the Palace began to seep through the crowd from the square. Confusion began, and the defenders could no longer offer serious resistance. Defense force Colonel Anan’in appealed to the government with the statement that forced to surrender the Palace in order to save the life of his defenders. Arrived at the Palace together with a small armed group Antonov was admitted to the Small dining room where sat the Ministers. They agreed to surrender, but he stressed that they are forced to do so only subject to the force… They were immediately arrested and the two vehicles were transported to the fortress.

How many victims?

According to one, during the assault killed six soldiers and one female shock troops battalion. On the other, there were many more victims – at least a few dozen. Suffered most from the shelling wounded in the wards of the hospital, which was located in the state rooms overlooking the Neva.

But the looting of the Winter did not deny later even the Bolsheviks themselves. As written by the American journalist John reed in his book “Ten days that shook the world,” some citizens “…stealing and carried away silverware, clocks, bedding, mirrors, porcelain vases and the stones average value”. However, after day the Bolshevik government began to restore order. The building of the Winter was nationalized and declared a state Museum.

One of the myths about the revolution says that the water in the groove after a Winter storm turned red from the blood. But it was not blood, but red wine from the cellar, which was leaked to the vandals.

In essence, the coup was not so bloody. Major tragic events started after him. And unfortunately, the consequences of the October revolution was not the such of any wanted romantically minded supporters of socialist ideas.

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