Musician Brian May warns against playing concerts too early. The 72-year-old guitarist of the band Queen cannot be stopped even in the corona crisis but is already thinking about the time afterwards.

In an interview with ‘NME’ he now warns: “We were able to postpone our concerts, but I wonder if we shouldn’t be asking ourselves whether it is actually appropriate to use a large part of our resources in the world for this, so that we can roam the world again? ”

And further: “Will it be safe to gather thousands of fans in one place and take some risk if we don’t even have the opportunity to deal with such an outbreak? I hope things clear up and we find an antidote to this terrible disease and we can go back to normal and play live again. ”

The benefits of the crisis

“I definitely think we have to look at how we do it first. We cannot simply assume that the corona virus has disappeared and that everything is in order forever. It is most likely not. There will probably be more challenges out there, ”he says.


He recently explained in an interview with ‘ITV News’ the benefits of the crisis: “If we can get out of this, I think we will have learned some great lessons. I hope we remember the lessons we learned – that we can work from home, that the cars can stop, that the planes can stop, that the air can become clearer. I mean that suddenly we can all breathe again. That will save countless lives. There are no longer any animals to be killed on the streets, and our wildlife rescue is experiencing a tremendous boom. ”(Bang)


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