Are there ghost games or is the end coming? Football fans and club bosses are watching the Prime Ministers with fearful eyes, a decision is to be made this week!

The sports ministers of the federal states want to decide on the resumption of play in the Bundesliga this week. In a conference call on Monday, the department heads agreed to submit a uniform position on the so-called ghost games to the Federal Chancellery by Tuesday evening. The decision boiled down to allowing the game to go on again without spectators in the stadium from mid or late May said the Minister of Sport.

The joint position of the Conference of Ministers of Sport will then form the basis of the discussions between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Ministers of the federal states on Thursday. The German football league must “create the strictest hygienic and medical conditions, enforce and check with appropriate measures when resuming the game,” said the chairwoman of the committee, Bremen’s head of department Anja Stahmann (Greens).

The sports ministers also held out the prospect of resuming mass sports without giving specific dates. First of all, training activities in recreational and recreational sports, especially sports clubs, should be allowed again; The prerequisite is that the sports offerings take place in the open air, the freedom of contact of the sports is guaranteed and an appropriate distance between the athletes can be maintained.

Individual sports were expressly not mentioned. Compliance with the health policy measures is crucial, the sports ministers said.


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