Dua Lipa feels more confident than ever. The singer recently released her second album ‘Future Nostalgia’. In the meantime, the once so shy musician has developed into a world star and over time the self-confidence of the 24-year-old has increased.

In an interview with ‘Krone’, she now explained that she always had to worry about it: “I always tried not to worry about things like that. I prefer to worry about how and in what way I can best share the music with my fans. I’m trying hard to find new ways to do this. ”

Source: instagram.com

She wants to make people smile

A lot has changed in the meantime: “I definitely feel more free today. I just see more opportunities to grow and develop as an artist. The songs come straight from my heart. I have a clear idea of what I want to express with my music and I’m definitely not going to be bogged down. ”


Today she hopes to inspire people with her music, Dua Lipa told ‘People’ recently: “We all try to stay healthy and not leave the house and protect the people around us. If I can make someone smile or make someone feel comfortable during this time, then I have done my job. ”(Bang)


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