Beef salami and grilled vegetables

The cash register rings when it comes to Capital Bra's frozen pizza (25, "Belin lives"). The Deutschrapper recently released the two versions "Beef Salami" and "Grilled Vegetables", which fans can buy from Rewe, Edeka and Kaufland – if there is just one left. Because apparently the pizza is flying out of the freezer.

Half a million pizzas were delivered to the markets within the first week of sales – according to a recent press release from Universal Music, this has never happened in Germany. Due to the high demand, there may be occasional bottlenecks. The frozen pizza is now being produced in special shifts and is expecting a million copies to be delivered by the end of the month.

"Bratans, bratinas, bratuchas, you shave everything and you can celebrate – the pizza will be around longer," says the message from the German rapper, who many fans simply affectionately call Capi. In the studio, he apparently has meanwhile recorded a suitable song. He shares a section of this on Instagram . There are lines like: "Nobody be … elelele … puts like Capi."



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