Tragic traffic accident in Wildeshausen (district of Oldenburg). There, in a serious traffic accident, the car of a 37-year-old driver was thrown into a group of cyclists. A cyclist was killed and three other people injured in this serious and tragic accident. One of the injured is still in mortal danger.

The serious accident had occurred in Wildeshausen earlier today. According to initial police investigations, a 22-year-old driver had disregarded the right of way of another vehicle when turning. The man's vehicle collided with the car of a 37-year-old driver, whose vehicle was thrown by the impact of a collision into a group of five cyclists who were on the opposite lane. Two cyclists, men aged 47 and 61, were seriously injured in the accident. The two injured were followed by a rescue helicopter to a clinic, where the 47-year-old man died of his injuries shortly afterwards.

But it wasn't just the cyclists who were injured in the accident. The 37-year-old driver of the car and her 56-year-old passenger were also injured in the accident. Fortunately, their injuries turned out to be not serious after a medical examination. The 61-year-old cyclist, who is still struggling to survive in the hospital, was part of a group of racing cyclists like his colleague, who has since passed away. Hopefully the man's health will improve in the next few days



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