As soon as the Corona crisis has subsided a bit, the economy dares to restart. And to make it a little easier, the federal government offered help to many companies during the lockdown. Now, apparently, the sale of cars in Germany should also be boosted. Because it is certain that the federal government will announce a purchase premium for new cars in the next few days. This purchase premium is said to start at 2500 euros.

As the news agency Reuters and the magazine “Der Wir” now report in unison and independently of one another, the purchase premium for new cars should officially be announced tomorrow. Experts had already expected this to be decided. However, many experts consider this to be a mistake. The government is said to be providing a total package of 5 billion euros to boost the auto industry. The planned bonus for the purchase of a new car should start at 2,500 euros and be expanded to a total of 4,000 euros. The bonus could support 75% of the models available on the car market.

According to this, the base amount for the purchase bonus should be 2,500 euros. If the selected new car is an efficiency class B car, the buyer receives an additional 500 euros in premium. If the buyer chooses a hybrid car, he receives an additional 750 euros and the additional bonus for buying an electric car is 1500 euros. In order to benefit from the bonus, the new car must not exceed the value of 77,350 euros. Union politicians already agree on the premium. There is still a little headwind from the SPD, but now the introduction of the premium is considered safe. However, many economic experts consider this route to be wrong, since the procedure promotes the old structures and prevents the shift towards e-mobility. Experts also criticize that lobbying only has a short-term but no long-term effect. That is why many experts also suggest investing this money in the future of the automotive industry rather than in its past.



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