In the case of the molar-inclined incisors-Hypomineralisation, in short, MIH, is not formed in the protective tooth enamel during the development of the teeth properly. The result: a Permanent children’s teeth to be stained, to crumble, to catch. The reasons for the phenomenon of “chalk teeth” conducts research, Jan Kühn from the University of Munich for years. Interview With An Expert.

the WORLD: It is that on a pure milk teeth suddenly blotchy, sensitive school teeth follow. What is the reason?

Bold: What are the teeth affected by MIH, depends on what age the injurious cause on the body. It was immediately after the birth? A month later? Three years after that? Depends on whether the milk teeth, permanent jaw or the teeth are affected.

the WORLD: Even the milk teeth show the structure of disorder?


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