Quite spontaneously: Charli XCX (27) announced in early April that she would record an entire album during the time of the corona lockdown. Her sweetheart served as inspiration: friend Huck Kwong. It was “a little strange”.

In an interview with “Billboard”, the singer (“Boom Clap”) explained why: “When it comes to writing songs about the person who is actually sitting in the other room, it is a new experience and it is a bit strange. Fortunately, all the songs have been pretty positive so far, so it’s not like I’m singing anything too blatant. ”

Charlie’s new album will be titled “How I’m Feeling Now” and should be released on May 15, as the artist herself revealed in a YouTube video. The first single is scheduled to appear on May 7th.

The artist is also thinking about working on future joint projects with her friend, the musician Christine and the Queens.
She recently said that her current recording process in the home studio will affect her future approach to new songs. (BANG)


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