Late yesterday afternoon, the Robert Koch Institute announced the latest numbers related to the corona virus.

By Wednesday afternoon, a total of 158,600 infections with the coronavirus had been registered. Since the beginning of the corona virus crisis, 6,069 people across the country have died as a result of the infection.

As the RKI announced today, the number of reproductions of the virus has dropped to 0.9 as of Tuesday, according to experts. In plain language, this means that on average, almost every infected person infects another person and the number of new cases falls slightly. The RKI estimates that 120,400 patients have now survived the infection. But the experts also expect in Germany that there is an enormous number of cases that have not been recorded.

Not all federal states were hit with the same force by the corona virus. The virus was worst in Bavaria (42,220 cases / 1,780 deaths), North Rhine-Westphalia (32,400 cases / 1,200 deaths) and Baden-Württemberg (31,400 cases / 1,307 deaths).

When extrapolated to the number of inhabitants, Bavaria has the highest numbers. There, 322.8 people per 100,000 people infected with the virus, while the national average was only 190.8 people per 100,000 people. However, one has to take into account with these figures that testing was carried out with different intensities in almost every federal state.



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