There they are again, the RKI's daily Corona Virus numbers. How is the development, are the good numbers stable? Apparently not, as the current figures show.

After many good days, the R-value increases significantly, a sign of more caution? The number of reproductions, or R-value for short, has risen. According to the latest information from the Robert Koch Institute on Friday, the R value was 0.85 (data as of May 29, 0:00; previous day: 0.61). This is a huge leap and makes us look a little more worried, especially when the Pentecost weekend is just around the corner. The 7-day value also jumps significantly and is 0.85 (previous day: 0.78. How are the other numbers developing?

According to RKI data, 8,450 have been proven to have been infected with the virus so that the number of reported deaths increased by 39 within 24 hours. 164,100 people have survived the infection according to RKI estimates, 900 more than a day earlier. RKI) recently reported 181,196 detected infections with the new corona virus. That is 738 more infected than the day before. 8,489 people have died from or with a coronavirus infection, 39 more than the previous day. The RKI estimates the number of those recovered to be 164,900, around 800 more than on the previous day (as of May 30, midnight).



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