Prince Harry and his wife Meghan had certainly imagined it quite differently. While their arrival in Los Angeles caused only small waves due to the corona restrictions in the city, the relaxation of the restrictions now seems to have made many people interested in the private life of the royals. At least for some time now, the small family has had problems with drones over the luxurious property. Now Prince Harry has reportedly turned on the police.

Now the online magazine “The Daily Beast” reports that the royal couple have informed local police about at least five drones that have bothered the couple over their property. Harry and Meghan assume that the drones are used by paparazzi to take photos of the family. The aircraft were located only a few meters above the ground of their property and are said to have observed son Archie (1) even playing by the pool. This is a serious security issue for Harry and Meghan, who suspect paparazzi are behind the drone attacks, but cannot rule out the possibility that the terrorist background may be involved. “They see the drones coming on and of course the two suspect that they are controlled by photographers, but they can not be sure,” says an insider.

In any case, the couple takes it pretty seriously. Some time ago, Meghan Markle had finally received racially motivated death threats. The local police confirm that the drone flight case is now under investigation. One is looking for “unknown people who fly drones in the area”. However, Harry and Meghan were not officially offered any special protection. Your own security team now has to take care of that. At the same time, the online magazine “The Daily Beast” also claims to have learned that the latest reports from the English press are wrong. It had been reported in the past few days that Prince Charles was said to be paying for the security costs.



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