Coronavirus is forcing the US to curtail its military presence abroad

the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus among us troops forced the US to abandon many of the military plans. Has been canceled 90.000 military exercises outside the country, and from the Persian Gulf recalled the aircraft carrier “Roosevelt”, on Board which is at least 25 patients. The total number of infected in the us military at the time of writing has reached 500 people, making the U.S. army a kind of “champion” on this indicator among the armed forces worldwide. This is forcing the Pentagon to withdraw its military stationed on military bases abroad.

As wrote on his page on Facebook the commander of the 10th mountain division, U.S. army major General Brian Mennes, a group of nearly 500 soldiers will return home two months earlier than planned. As noted by the American edition of Newsweek, officially, the Pentagon does not associate the beginning of the redeployment of troops with a world pandemic. The newspaper quotes unofficial statistics according to which cases of coronavirus have been registered is at 97 domestic military bases of the U.S. army in 37 States. And this number continues to grow alarmingly, in connection with reduced American contingent.

it is Noteworthy that despite statements by the Pentagon about the “planned nature” of the reforms in the rotation, sending new troops to Afghanistan, Somalia and a number of other countries is delayed.

according to Newsweek, the current situation makes the US government think about the necessity to support such a large staff of the armed forces. The vast majority of military at the moment can’t be involved in the provision of humanitarian assistance, and therefore useless in the fight against the “invisible enemy” – a coronavirus. On the contrary, the barracks are transformed into hotbeds of infection, despite the precautions taken. The publication concludes that the military itself is currently not aware of why they are serving, if you can’t provide the help his country.

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