Another food recall, again one of the big discounters! Especially in corona times, a concern that the consumer is happy to be spared!

Call back at Aldi, this food can even cause internal bleeding! Aldi calls back the jam "Tamara", Sprte blueberry. In the jam there may be pieces of glass which, in the worst case, can injure the mouth and throat or the stomach up to internal bleeding! What should I do if I bought this jam, can I give it back?

Consumers should therefore urgently compare their product with the batch concerned from the discounter Aldi-Nord. This reports the portal Katwarn also issues a corresponding warning. The batch concerned is the "Tamara blueberry jam extra 370 grams" with the best before date 17.09.21 from the supplier WL Ahrens GmbH & Co. KG. Other products from the supplier or "Tamara" blueberry jams with other shelf life dates are not affected, it says on



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