Daniela Büchner was also hit hard by the corona virus crisis. Now the reality star even has to fear for existence! The tourism industry in particular is expecting high losses. And Daniela Büchner runs a business in Mallorca that is mainly frequented by German vacationers. But many of her fans don't seem to care about Daniela's worries.

Now Daniela Büchner, the owner of the "Faneteria" in Mallorca, shares her concerns with her numerous followers on Instagram. There Daniela writes: "In a few weeks, 'maybe' everything will somehow return to normal here on the island, BUT without German tourists in the first summer months it will be very, very, very difficult." However, many of her fans do not seem to worry about Daniela to be taken seriously. Because a follower even has fun with Daniela's serious situation. Why should a follower be happy when a person's existence is threatened? This is also the opinion of Daniela and when she answers, the power woman almost bursts her collar! "And what exactly is funny about that now? Mallorca lives from tourism, ”the 42-year-old is annoyed. So far, Daniela has not yet decided when and whether she will open her "Faneteria" again. "We will publish how and when it will continue as soon as an end to the crisis is in sight," writes Daniela on Facebook. So it will be interesting to see how the situation develops.



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