SARS-CoV-2 concept

If you are gripped by the naked horror when you look in the mirror every morning, you can be happy. From May 4th, split ends and Co. are on the collar, because then hairdressing salons are allowed to open again, but only for cutting hair. There will be no real wellness program.

As is evident from the SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standard for the hairdressing trade , hairdressers and customers must wear a mouth-to-nose cover or an everyday mask during the appointment. The concept of the professional association for health service and welfare care (BGW) is to ensure that workers and customers are adequately protected against the corona virus.

The precautionary measures also include maintaining a safety distance of 1.5 meters. Depending on the size of the business, the number of jobs must therefore be adjusted. “Only the respective customer and the responsible employee may approach each other for the duration of the hairdressing activities”, says the concept.

But customers have to consider a few things before the appointment. Those who show symptoms and / or have a fever shouldn’t even come. This is because the salons have to ask customers about coronavirus symptoms and possible contact with sick people when making appointments. In order to understand a possible chain of infection, both the time window of the visit and the contact details are noted. There is no appointment without consent to this documentation.

Customers must wash or disinfect their hands after entering the store. Have a cup of coffee or a glass of water while waiting and flip through a magazine? No, we have to do without that, because as before, no entertainment is allowed. In addition, you should bring a little more time, because cutting hair short will probably take a little longer. One reason: “Every customer has to wash their hair.” In addition, the employees between each customer have to clean combs, brushes and other work utensils with a grease-dissolving household cleaner.

Customers are also currently not allowed to blow-dry themselves, because contact with work equipment must be kept as low as possible. In order to minimize the risk of infection, eyelash coloring, shaving or beard care are not allowed for the time being. Although fewer services are offered, visiting the hairdresser could be more expensive. After all, the additional time required for hairdressers and the cost of protective equipment is not exactly low.

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