The deadly exit of a happy men’s tour. As in previous years, a group of friends went on a motorcycle tour in the Alps. But then the tour turned into a nightmare, because after a harmless fall, a participating entrepreneur from Cologne died in a hospital hours later.

The well-known entrepreneur Günter U. from Cologne initially got off the road in an accident with a motorcycle on the Brenner Pass and then fell slightly. In addition to a graze, it initially seemed as if the entrepreneur had escaped with another horror. After the accident, the man was taken to the hotel by taxi. However, when the wound did not stop bleeding for a while after the accident, his friends advised him to go to a hospital. A few hours later the shocking news. Günter U. died in a clinic in Lindenberg on Lake Constance. Because he had suffered a septic shock that had finally killed him. The friends of the motorcycle group reacted in shock to the news of their friend’s death. “I still can’t believe it. Our friend had been looking forward to our motorcycle tour so much. And then something happens, ”said one of the men resignedly.

The group, consisting of artists and entrepreneurs, immediately stopped the tour after this shocking experience. All motorcycles were transported back to Cologne on trailers. On Wednesday afternoon, the entire group gathered to say goodbye to their mutual friend in Anton Fuchs’ studio, who had also been very close friends with pop singer Nino de Angelo. None of the participants had certainly expected this tragic end.

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