Speaking of securities, somewhere in our heads we already have information that these are paper documents that have some financial value. Most often, we think of stocks, bills, checks – but also the investment business.

Certainly, businesses that involve financial investments are very often prone to manipulation – so we often hear news about some kind of investment or securities fraud. Can we protect ourselves from this and how? We will draw your attention to some of how you can detect securities fraud.

What Are Securities?


The world is full of financial resources, paper, and documents or their digital equivalents. Among them, a special kind is a security. Securities have two main features. First, they provide certain financial rights to those who own them – and in addition, they can be traded. Stocks are often referred to as securities, especially in the United States.

Whenever there is a scandal on Wall Street – you will probably hear that the Securities and Exchange Commission has taken action. Stock traders are also referred to as financial securities traders, and you have probably seen the sections with money advice that recommend “speculative securities” – that is, top investments.

What Do You Need To Know About Securities?

The first thing you need to know is that securities are not always very safe. For example, stocks, which give you the right to a share in the company’s income and control over it – are also a type of security. That company can prosper or fail.

The same goes for corporate bonds, which give only the right to income. So, you have to be careful with securities because they can be volatile. Government bonds, on the other hand, are generally considered safer – but it also means paying smaller returns to investors.

Other examples include mortgage-based and asset-backed securities – again, they give rights to their holder and can be traded. What you still need to know is the fact that securities transactions are sometimes very risky, not only because of changes in the economic market – but also because they are susceptible to manipulation.

Therefore, you need to know how to detect securities fraud. Here’s how you can do it in a few simple steps.

1. Educate yourself enough about the securities to avoid the consequences


When it comes to investing, it is important to first understand all your options before you invest money and make any financial move. Of course, each type of investment has its pros and cons. Which is the best investment for you depends on various factors that you need to be informed about. Also, to recognize fraud, you must be prepared in advance, well-informed, and educated on the subject.

Therefore, the best investment you can make is the one you provide for your personal development. Investing in your knowledge, skills, and capacities, and educating yourself about financial investment opportunities as well as other topics – is the best thing you can do in your life.

2. Hire a good investment lawyer


Trading that includes securities can be very complex. According to mdf-law, it happens that many, even experienced traders are sometimes surprised by a situation – where they unexpectedly find themselves at the center of financial fraud.

For these reasons, it is quite certain that you need a reliable lawyer who is a specialist in this field. This is even a mandatory part of such a business –  because you do not need a lawyer only when something happens and you suffer financial damage due to fraud. On the contrary, a good financial lawyer should be a steady part of your business team, because he will certainly not miss signals that may go unnoticed to you.

3. Control of financial reports


This is implied in the business of every company – and when it comes to investing or trading securities, this is a mandatory part of the business. However, since this is extensive and complex work that involves controlling the flow of money or securities and investments – it is very important to have reliable associates.

We do not mean only your financial sector – but also the possible involvement of a third party in the control and audit of finances and financial statements. It can be a broker house, a law office that deals with financial investments, or some other independent financial agency that deals with it.

4. Beware of already known financial scams and schemes


If you trade securities, or even if you only own them – you’ve probably heard of some of the tried and tested patterns of investment frauds. Of course, this is something you need to take care of well – because scammers can impoverish you overnight.

Today, in the age of the Internet, there are even more such scams – so extra caution is recommended. Here, in a way, we return to the very beginning, and that is education. You need to know all the important items related to the securities business – so that you can save yourself from fraud in time or recognize them and avoid them promptly.

5. Complaints to competent institutions


This is the last step, but in a way, it already means that you have been a victim of fraud. When it comes down to it, don’t be too harsh and critical of yourself. It simply happens to many people – even much more experienced than you.

Then, apart from reporting to the competent authorities and authorized financial bodies such as the SEC or similar – and you have not much of a choice. Certainly, institutions that deal with the disclosure of securities fraud or any other financial fraud, have a lot of experience- so you can still hope for a positive solution to the situation.

The Bottom Line

The situation with dealing with securities is further complicated by the use of the Internet in business. Thus, the fraudsters became more and more inventive – and the victims of fraud became numerous because they can’t keep up and follow all the new schemes of fraud. So, learn how to recognize some of the signs in time and protect yourself.